PostBase Vision 5A

Upgrade your PostBase™ Vision 5S to a 5A and benefit from an automatic feeder. This will give you time to leave your items to process while you carry on with your daily tasks.

  • 50 letters per minute
  • Multi Connectivity
  • MailMark Extra
  • Reporting
  • Automatic Feeder

Every mail piece accounted for

With powerful reporting features, Navigator Plus will account for every letter you send allowing you to analyse and save on your postage costs by department or individual. Navigator Plus will also export its data allowing you to import it into your preferred accounting software. Compatible with the complete PostBase range from Vision 3S to One.

Connected to the cloud

Connect straight to your customer portal, discoverFP™ and manage your PostBase™ Vision machine from wherever you are. Access postage reports and manage your cost accounts to keep on top of your accounting.