Office sustainability is something that’s always been very important to us at Officeology. We live and breathe it in our day-to-day practices and overall culture. We take immense pride in lending a helping hand to our customers in their switch to a greener office environment. We are happy to be able to offer a vast array of sustainable options for your office needs. 

We’d love to see fully sustainable offices as a way of the future. To that end, here’s what we’re doing on sustainability and how we can help you make your office just that little bit greener and kinder to planet Earth.

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Sustainability in the office

You might be wondering how you can add more sustainability to your day-to-day office life. We’ve made the process super simple by ensuring many of the products we offer have their origins in sustainable companies.

Sustainability in the office

When selecting our key furniture partner, we conducted thorough research to find the perfect supplier that echoes our own sustainability values. They must have the same vision as us for a greener, brighter future.

Our selected furniture supplier is decorated in eco-conscious recognition, with their sustainability journey dating all the way back to 1942—well before a widespread conversation about climate change even existed. They have a strong track record of ensuring thoughtful sourcing of their materials.

For example, our furniture manufacturer uses only FSC-certified wood in their building process. The FSC (forest management certification) verifies that the forest in which the wood is cut has been handled in a manner that safeguards its unique biodiversity. This also ensures careful consideration of the well-being of local communities and workers and guarantees its long-term economic sustainability. What’s more, they use 100% renewable fuel for their delivery vans and are a carbon negative business.

Reducing paper usage

If you’re also looking for a way to limit your printing footprint, our printing management tool can help your office reduce its paper usage and waste by up to 30%. Not only will it help the planet, but it will also save you some cash along the way. A win/win in our eyes. 

Additionally, by using our document management software, businesses can digitise important company documents. One of the main benefits of a digital system is the large volume of paper documents this can save!

Reducing energy usage

Much of our state of the art office equipment has efficiency built in. For example, our multifunction printers and photocopiers employ the latest energy saving technology. This helps to reduce typical energy consumption by up to 63%. Our latest coffee machines can save up to 40% on energy consumption.

Some of our sustainability initiatives

We’re always on the hunt to find even more ways to provide you with sustainability options. It’s our goal to be able to offer you even more sustainability options in the coming years. 

Here’s some of what we currently offer:

Pushbike delivery

We offer a carbon-neutral pushbike delivery service in London that is not only 60% faster than traditional delivery methods but also emits less than 92% less CO2 than an EV. Making it not only a more efficient delivery experience but a cleaner one at that! 

With vehicle emissions still accounting for a major chunk of the EU’s emissions this year, implementing a greener delivery method is just another one of our contributions to the environment.

Cartridge recycling

We also help our customers recycle all used cartridges. You can send off your empty cartridges, and know they’re being recycled correctly. 

Toner particles are repurposed for paint production or used as a colouring agent in aggregates. Plastic toner bottles can be reused or even brought back to life and transformed into other plastic products.

What our customers say about us

Highly recommend Officeology.. very helpful from query, to install, to customer support.. Special mention to Josh & Raman for all their assistance and guidance

Chris Deakin Avatar Chris Deakin
29th October 2023

Big thanks to the Officeology team for all of their help! Super easy and smooth process getting our account and device set up

Ellie Horoz Avatar Ellie Horoz
26th October 2023

I have used officeology at our practice and can honestly say they are fantastic. Great equipment works perfectly. Farhan is my superstar always there when i need him and always... read more

Sophie Mullins Avatar Sophie Mullins
27th July 2023

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