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Officeology can help you access secure and reliable business broadband to keep your company connected, while also ensuring it stays up-to-date and relevant as the UK moves away from  phone line internet.

We work with the UK’s largest network providers for all our broadband for business solutions. You can benefit from Officeology’s personal service, backed by cutting edge technology.

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Broadband for business

No one likes a logistical nightmare. Finding the right way to connect your business can help you respond to customers and clients in a timely manner and utilise powerful cloud-based services for storage and easy collaboration. But doing so can be tricky. We can make the switch easy, enabling you to work seamlessly across teams and open up communications for office and homeworkers alike. 

In 2017, BT announced its intention to switch off the existing telephone network completely, having migrated all services to the newer and more efficient fibre broadband network. Therefore, come December 2025 the entire UK Wholesale Line Rental network will cease to exist and many businesses will need to find alternative broadband services.

You can future-proof this change by upgrading your workplace broadband. Our services can use the existing fibre/copper wire network, reducing reliance on the telephone network, and ensuring you’re ahead of the 2025 switch-off. The best part? 90% of premises and office locations are already set up with the fibre network, meaning switching over is easy and convenient.

Business broadband solutions

Fibre Ethernet broadband, also known as leased line broadband or business leased lines, is a highly reliable, secure and fast internet connection. Unlike other types of connection, this full-fibre broadband is a dedicated service to your property and isn’t shared between multiple premises in the area. Our fibre ethernet internet can help reduce the cost of private networking while still improving the quality of service support. Fibre Ethernet broadband is available with speeds from around 100Mbps to 10Gbps and can send signals across large distances, perfect for connecting disparate offices. 

With our leased line broadband, we can also offer an additional facility to temporarily increase your bandwidth for anywhere between 24 hours and a month. If your business has peak days or holds events, this can be very useful for accommodating heavier internet usage.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband, also known as full fibre broadband, is a type of broadband that is delivered directly to your office or premises via fibre cables. It’s a super fast and reliable internet connection – you can expect speeds of 40 Mbps to 1000 Mbps – with a single, accountable supplier.

FTTC stands for Fibre to the Cabinet and is delivered to the green cabinets you see dotted round before being delivered to your home or office. It’s the most common type of home broadband and offers a good, reliable service with a lower price point than other types of business internet.

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. This powerful business broadband delivers the same performance and data rates as other standard business broadband that you’re used to without relying on a traditional phone line to deliver your service, future-proofing your connectivity and reducing your costs.

For a more travel-friendly option with outstanding connectivity, we also offer 4G and 5G mobile broadband plans. Where your typical and more traditional wired broadband enables you to access the internet via WiFi connection, mobile broadband is an entirely portable internet service. It’s delivered to your devices via cellular network and can be accessed anywhere that has a signal – no more dropped Zoom calls.

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Business broadband frequently asked questions

Business broadband is a dedicated broadband connection that’s set up in an office or workspace to support a much larger demand for the internet.

Typically, business broadband packages are more comprehensive than residential broadband and have more dedicated service. Expect a larger capacity, and more secure and reliable connections.

Whilst business broadband is not actually faster than residential, it is more reliable and uncontended during peak times. This means it can maintain speeds during peak and non-peak hours, whereas residential broadband will be slower during peak hours. Consistent speeds are essential for efficient day-to-day work, from cloud computing to video calls.

The fastest type of business broadband is the leased line (a.k.a. ethernet) type. A leased line is quick, reliable and is a dedicated full fibre connection that is not shared between multiple premises (unlike FTTP and FTTC connections). This means your connection won’t be impeded by ‘peak time’ usage and is a much more reliable connection as it is your own private dedicated line.

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I have used officeology at our practice and can honestly say they are fantastic. Great equipment works perfectly. Farhan is my superstar always there when i need him and always... read more

Sophie Mullins Avatar Sophie Mullins
27th July 2023

Thank you Raman, Paul and the rest of the team! Their proactive nature, politeness, thoroughness, and responsiveness make them a great choice. I wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow IT... read more

George Ioannidis Fitanidis Avatar George Ioannidis Fitanidis
29th June 2023

Raman is always helpful with whatever is needed, small or large, it makes no difference, could not be happier with the the service.

Richard Maysey Avatar Richard Maysey
16th June 2023

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