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Having a reliable business mobile phone contract can go a long way in employee productivity – especially if your business operates remotely or hybrid. If you’ve said goodbye to traditional landline phones in favour of a more modern approach, switching to business mobile contracts will greatly benefit you.

From scalability and savings to increased security and enhanced calls, the right contract and business phone system will be invaluable to your business’s success.

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Business mobile contracts are the way forward for many modern businesses. With the Big Switch Off happening in 2025, many businesses are moving away from landline phones and toward more flexible working methods. Not only will this mean that employees are free to work from wherever is most comfortable for them, whether that’s at home, in a coffee shop, the office or even while travelling to meetings, but it’s also much more cost-effective as you’ll be paying for exactly what you need.

At Officeology, we pair with leading business mobile networks to bring you the most reliable and supportive business contracts with excellent customer service and a wide range of features that will benefit your business. 

Some benefits you can expect to receive from a business phone contract include the following:

  • Better coverage and speed across the UK to ensure you and your employees don’t run into any technical difficulties or unstable connections no matter where they are.
  • Choice of mobile handsets that will include all the key features needed, from long battery life for travelling salespeople to a good camera for the marketing team.
  • Enhanced security measures in case the phone is lost, stolen or hacked include encryption and device management, allowing the data to be wiped if needed.
  • Round-the-clock customer support from your phone provider and Officeology ensures any issues are resolved quickly without downtime or delays.

Ensuring your employees are equipped with the best tech possible will make their jobs easier. They’ll also be better connected with each other and their clients or customers while enjoying the freedom of working flexibly and keeping their work and personal lives on separate devices. This will lead to better productivity and a happier and more supported workforce, which, in turn, will benefit your business.

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Business mobile frequently asked questions

Yes, business mobile contracts are cheaper than individual personal contacts. This is because many providers offer plan deals for multiple devices distributed across a business which can be scaled as you grow. As business phones are an expense, they’ll also qualify for tax relief which can help with the initial costs as you’ll be able to claim it back. Any repairs and maintenance are also usually included within business contracts, meaning it’ll be at no extra cost to you if a phone gets stolen or damaged.

Business mobile phones can be claimed as a business expense on your annual tax return if they are exclusively used for business purposes.

For a small business, you’ll want to choose a mobile phone plan that will be easy and flexible to scale up when needed. A plan with a tariff optimiser is ideal, as you’ll be able to ensure that you’re always on the best tariff possible for your current needs.

You’ll also want to choose a provider with an excellent reputation for customer service, as there may be some technical hiccups during the initial set-up of the phones and the plans among employees. Some plans will allow you to try out your new business phone for a number of days to ensure you’re happy with the coverage and quality and that it’s the right business phone for your needs.

Lastly, coverage and speed should be an important factor in your decision, as the last thing you want as a startup or small business is dropped connections and slow speeds that will frustrate both employees and the customer or client.

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I have used officeology at our practice and can honestly say they are fantastic. Great equipment works perfectly. Farhan is my superstar always there when i need him and always... read more

Sophie Mullins Avatar Sophie Mullins
27th July 2023

Thank you Raman, Paul and the rest of the team! Their proactive nature, politeness, thoroughness, and responsiveness make them a great choice. I wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow IT... read more

George Ioannidis Fitanidis Avatar George Ioannidis Fitanidis
29th June 2023

Raman is always helpful with whatever is needed, small or large, it makes no difference, could not be happier with the the service.

Richard Maysey Avatar Richard Maysey
16th June 2023

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