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Office Fit Outs

In a time when hybrid working is becoming the norm, many businesses are reevaluating their office space. However, having a brick-and-mortar office is still a great way for employees to connect and collaborate in person and is an important way to bolster creativity and productivity. 

At Officeology, we specialise in creating an effective work environment and interior design solutions for offices of all shapes and sizes. By providing specialist consultative services alongside professional and highly experienced interior designers, we can supply unique office fit out services across the nation that perfectly harmonise with the specific requirements of your office.

Benefits of working with Officeology for fit-outs

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Office refurbishment

Refurbing your office is a great way to update your space, make customised adjustments to suit your brand, refresh your brand identity or better support your unique way of working. Not only that but adapting your office to suit more modern ways of working can improve morale, attitudes at work, and productivity overall. 

An office space should naturally foster well-being, creativity and productivity if designed correctly. All of our office fit-out solutions are designed with the client’s individual needs in mind and include specific requirements you may need in terms of layout and size.

Office Inspiration & Ideas

Commercial office fit outs for relocations

Relocating offices is a big task, especially if the space is totally empty. But this emptiness offers a blank canvas for your perfect office space. Before your move, get us in to design and fit your office with everything you need for that all-important transition phase to go as smoothly as possible. 

Whether you envision an open plan space for employees to mingle or an activities-based office where staff can bond, individual conference rooms for a range of meetings or a vibrant break room to relax and unwind, we’re here to help ensure your office needs are met. Our fit outs aim to combine innovation, ergonomics, aesthetics and sustainability.

Our vast experience in building beautiful and functional office spaces has taught us that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Every office is unique, and if you need some help designing your dream work environment, we’ve got you covered. 

Our complete end-to-end office fit-out solutions are the perfect package as you’ll get to focus on the day-to-day of running the business while we’ll take care of the rest.

Office interior design ideas

Take a look at some of our past office fit outs below for inspiration for your office interiors.

Office fit out frequently asked questions

An office fit out, simply put, describes the process of making an office space ready for occupation. It includes everything you need to have a smooth-running office: the electrical, mechanical, decorating and furnishing, all to your specifications and tastes.

The cost of your office fit out will vary depending on your needs and customisation but you can expect to pay between £40-80 per square metre on average. 

If you have big ideas for your office space and don’t know where to start, contact our expert team, who will be able to discuss your plans and create the perfect office space where you and your employees will thrive.

It depends on what your plans are. For light refurbishment such as changing lights, updating furniture and non-structural change, you likely won’t need planning permission. However, if the project includes erecting new partitions or walls, creating new rooms, altering the fire escape routes, or making any structural changes then you will almost certainly need planning permission.

Two of the most common types of office fit out are Cat A and Cat B (Cat meaning category).

A Cat A fit out is a basic operational fit out that provides you with a finished, empty space that is ready for you to move into.

Cat B fit outs involve the process of bringing your design to life. Taking all of the design elements together to create a functional workplace complete with planting, flooring and furniture.

  1. Define the reasons for a refurbishment. Always an important first step that will help you highlight the things you need and areas you can improve upon.
  2. Create a project team to keep things running smooth and on-schedule.
  3. Define what it is about your workplace that works for you (and what doesn’t).
  4. Speak with Officeology about refurbishing your office space to set the project in motion.
  5. Agree on a project budget (and stick to it).
  6. Work closely with us to help your vision come to life.
  7. Select the right office furniture to help keep employees comfortable and productive. Don’t forget those quality-of-life additions like smart lockers
  8. Manage the onsite project – this includes internally such as informing staff and co-workers of the impending work (and warning them of the noise!) as well as managing the project itself, organising the contractors, and keeping communication open.
  9. Managing the handover – if you’ve arranged for a phased handover, you’ll need to manage this so that colleagues can move to each block seamlessly to avoid loss of work time. If it’s just the one section or building, you will need to arrange the move-in date and set up regular meetings to ensure the project will be finished on time.
  10. Once the work is complete and you’re happy with how the project turned out it’s time to move in and enjoy your new digs!

What our office fit-out customers say about us

I have used officeology at our practice and can honestly say they are fantastic. Great equipment works perfectly. Farhan is my superstar always there when i need him and always... read more

Sophie Mullins Avatar Sophie Mullins
27th July 2023

Thank you Raman, Paul and the rest of the team! Their proactive nature, politeness, thoroughness, and responsiveness make them a great choice. I wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow IT... read more

George Ioannidis Fitanidis Avatar George Ioannidis Fitanidis
29th June 2023

Raman is always helpful with whatever is needed, small or large, it makes no difference, could not be happier with the the service.

Richard Maysey Avatar Richard Maysey
16th June 2023

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