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DocuWare is an electronic document management system that allows you to keep your teams fluid and productive, automate document workflows in any organisation, and protect data and documents with secure, centralised archiving. 

The system captures information from a broad range of sources, enabling automated import and indexing routines to allow structured data entry without manual effort. DocuWare sorts, distributes, and links information to drive important decision-making processes. Teams across all departments can use this software for quick, transparent, and effective workflows.

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DocuWare document management system solutions

Document management and workflow automation solutions for businesses that need their information secure, compliant, usable and accessible — from any device, any time, anywhere.

Put an end to stacks of paper and file chaos with DocuWare’s sophisticated document control. Whether your team is remote, in the office, or a hybrid of both, you need documents to move securely and automatically to the right employees at the right time. DocuWare takes the manual process of routing and managing documents (both paper and digital) and streamlines it into a centralised, searchable repository and workflow automation engine.

  • Easy capture from all sources – DocuWare is the smartest home for contracts, invoices, letters, orders, proposals, meeting notes or any other business documents.
  • Index and authorise – Quickly classify documents and index information in just a few clicks. Then share with controlled access rights and permissions.
  • Secure, organised archive – Each document is safe and secure in the archive with controlled access rights until it reaches its retention date.
  • Access and collaborate – Find information fast and simply; edit and comment on documents or process them in workflows.

Invoices take up huge amounts of time from your team. Use DocuWare to create digital invoices with intelligent indexing to securely store them for instant retrieval. Utilise preconfigured workflows for approval routing, or use straight-through processing to help expedite payments and keep your team on track. 

  • Eliminate paper and manual data entry – The only thing worse than stacks of paper is manually inputting data to be printed on that paper. With DocuWare’s invoice processing software, you can save space, save time and save yourself the headache of the outdated way of doing things.
  • Automate your workflow and exception handling – Establish automatic approvals based on amounts, vendor or other data, or set up digital workflows to route invoices to key decision makers. Elegantly handle exceptions to ensure no balls are dropped.
  • Catch those early payment discounts – Process invoices before they’re due to take advantage of any early payment discounts, avoid late fees, and keep vendors happy.
  • Dramatically cut audit prep time – Audits are inevitable but they don’t have to be a waste of time. Stop the stress of searching for documents and find digital invoices instantly. Deliver as a pre-organised, secure archive, accessible only to users you authorise.

Employees are at the heart of any business. Get ready to deliver a whole new level of expertise, transparency, and value to your colleagues. Use DocuWare to centralise, organise, and secure employee records and improve HR processes from recruitment to annual reviews and right through to talent management. 

  • Go paperless – Digitise your paper records and eliminate all those disorganised shared drives. Make sure all records are organised in one secure place and get to critical information within seconds.
  • Ensure privacy – Give your entire organisation peace of mind. When you use DocuWare, you protect sensitive employee information with secure access rights and data encryption.
  • Support self-service – Empower individual employees, managers, and HR colleagues with self-service capabilities – from basic search to portal integration.
  • Stop wasting time – Repetitive and manual data entry, endless searching for documents, emailing unresponsive managers, and other menial tasks can all be simplified and automated, saving precious time and money.

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Document management frequently asked questions

Using a document management system like DocuWare helps your company create, edit, and centrally store digital documents. In addition to simply storing information, a document management system classifies and secures those documents – protecting delicate or confidential information. It also supports and facilitates collaboration between teams and colleagues, reduces bottlenecks, and increases workflow.

A DMS makes sharing information and collaborating easy, allowing documents from different sources to be accessible from multiple locations at the same time. It gives employees the ability to access documents wherever they are, no matter if they work across the hall from you or across the world.

If your company creates a lot of documents that need to be shared with multiple team members, you spend ages searching for the right documents in a mess of disorganised folders or drives, or you have lots of colleagues who work remotely, you need a document management system to help keep everything organised, secure, and confidential.

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