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Introducing PaperCut: The print management business software that will help you to minimise waste while enjoying a secure and easy printing experience. It’s supporting millions of people around the globe to shrink their environmental impact and their bills. It’s protecting organisations of all sizes from data breaches, taking their security to a new level. And it’s making printing a whole lot more interesting. 

Gone are the days when a simple mistake would lead to hundreds of unwanted copies. Time wasted setting up new users is a thing of the past. And you can bid adieu to the hassle of figuring out which device is compatible with which printer. Thanks to the intelligence of this print management software, you can print from anywhere, with everything from your laptop to your mobile phone, at any time. 

Basically, with PaperCut, printing just works. 

Benefits of PaperCut for print management

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Smart print management packed full of useful features to boost efficiency, security, cost management and planet-friendly credentials.

PaperCut NG lets you seamlessly monitor and control your printing. The detailed print job tracking and reporting let you have eyes on who’s printing what, so you’re in full control over your business’ printing habits.

Cutting costs is important for any business, as long as it doesn’t impact productivity. The best kind of cost-cutting solutions are the ones people don’t even notice, and that’s what you’ll get with PaperCut NG. You’ll make savings thanks to filters that encourage black and white and double-sided printing, as well print budgets and quotas you can set for particular users. There’s also a whole load of not-so-obvious savings you’ll make, such as easy set-up – freeing IT admin time for more valuable work – and the refund management process.

Not only does PaperCut NG allow you to keep an eye on how users are printing, with print audit and system activity logs, watermark and digital signatures and full print archiving, but it’s also set up to make sustainability the status quo. Secure print release means users have to be at a machine to print their documents. This will eliminate uncollected print jobs and ensure compliance and security are maintained.

The amazing functions you get from PaperCut NG, such as the ability to print from any device, anywhere, to any printer, and a single global queue system, are all available on PaperCut MF. On top of that, this software also harnesses cutting-edge cloud and document processing tech to make scanning simple, meaning you can digitise important documents and send them anywhere you want. 

You can scan to home folders, email, and cloud storage systems. You can use optical character recognition and image processing to make scanned documents editable and searchable. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about dated printing devices – your profile will personalise any brand and model. 

PaperCut MF also protects your data before, during and after it’s been printed. Physical measures and end-to-end encryption keep data as breach-proof as possible with access control, secure release and watermarking. If having a Forest Positive impact is part of your agenda, we’ve got you covered with our sustainability programme, PaperCut Grows, which turns your printing into tree planting.

PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive are both great cloud print management tools that let you print from any device to any printer with minimal fuss. Print administration and configuration are easy, and Edge Mesh gives you the ability to keep your printed documents within your local network. It’s easy to use and administer, and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of a cost-efficient, secure and sustainable printing system.

Keep tabs on who’s printing what, when and where, while having control over who’s able to do it so that you can keep your costs in check. You can also ensure your documents are secure with watermarking or digital signatures so that everyone is accountable for their printing habits. 

The planet is the main focus at PaperCut, so this intuitive system will give friendly reminders to print on both sides of the page or consider black and white over colour printing. Plus, we’re all guilty of accidentally putting an extra zero when choosing the ‘number of copies’ to print, so the safety net feature catches those simple but costly mistakes.

Print management software features

Print management frequently asked questions

Print management software coordinates all processes that take place between printer hardware and devices requiring print jobs. Great for businesses, they allow an administrator to control all of the functionality in printing. It’s also great for letting businesses ensure that printing is made cost-effective, environmentally friendly and easy.

Print management software will ensure a print job is directed to the most suitable printer, and determine the optimum device, ensuring the cost of printing the document is kept low, secure and planet-friendly.

Print remains critical to business’ and organisations’ communications. To successfully gain data and analytics on how much is being printed within your business, managed print services are vital, so you’re able to reduce your costs, impact on the environment and data breaches.

One of PaperCut’s key strengths and goals is to support every printer and operating system.

PaperCut has been thoroughly tested on a huge variety of different printers, spanning makes, models and manufacturers. We’re yet to find a brand not supported.

MFP/MFD touchscreen embedded software supports on-device secure print release and is available for all leading printer brands.

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I have used officeology at our practice and can honestly say they are fantastic. Great equipment works perfectly. Farhan is my superstar always there when i need him and always... read more

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27th July 2023

Thank you Raman, Paul and the rest of the team! Their proactive nature, politeness, thoroughness, and responsiveness make them a great choice. I wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow IT... read more

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29th June 2023

Raman is always helpful with whatever is needed, small or large, it makes no difference, could not be happier with the the service.

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16th June 2023

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