10 ideas to inspire your work furniture collection

Whether you’re decorating a brand new office space for the first time, or you want to freshen up your current office to inspire creativity and productivity amongst your employees, upgrading the furniture is a sure-fire way of getting people to feel motivated and excited to come into work.

Choosing the right furniture is highly important as you want to make sure your employees are happy and comfortable. At Officeology, we’re experts in work environments and interior solutions and here, we’ve put together a list of 10 ideas to help inspire your new work furniture collection.

1. Comfortable Office Chairs

As your employees will spend the majority of their day sitting in a chair, you must ensure that it’s comfortable, supportive and can adjust to their specific needs. When it comes to choosing an office chair, there are many factors to take into consideration. Ideally, you want a chair with good lumbar support, breathable and comfortable fabric, padded, removable armrests, adjustable height and backrest and a good warranty while also ensuring it’s sleek and stylish for your office.

2. Plenty of Greenery

Plants and flowers are a great way to warm up your office space and bring life to any room. From big, impressive plants to stand in a spare corner, or small desk plants and succulents to add some extra cheeriness to hanging plants which will give the space a unique feel, there’s plenty of plants to choose from that will bring a smile to your workers’ faces. Plus, many plants have air-purifying qualities, meaning they can help make the air cleaner and remove any harmful pollutants or toxins. This can potentially help prevent headaches and allow your employees to stay focused for longer.

3. Modern Technology

Adapting your office to include modern technology will help make everyday tasks run smoothly. With a mix of durable and powerful business laptops and desktops for people to either use in the office or on the go, time-saving and cost-effective franking machines to help streamline mailroom processes and state of the art printers and photocopiers to suit the needs of your employees, you’ll be able to manage your office much more efficiently.

4. Stylish and Functional Desks

For most offices, desks are an essential piece of furniture. And, choosing a range of both sitting and standing office desks will give your employees the best of both worlds with options to choose how and where they work. If you’re in a more collaborative environment where employees tend to move around a lot, then simple, modern desks will work perfectly. However, if your employees have a set desk then including amenities such as drawers and other storage options will be ideal for them to have their own personal space.

5. Wall Art

If you have employees whose eyes like to wander during the day and who stare off into the distance as they concentrate, then adding some wall art can not only help elevate the style of your office but give them something inspirational to look at too. Whether it’s some motivational quotes, your company motto or goals or just a calming piece of art, it’ll add a point of interest and make your space a brighter and more motivating place to be.

6. Coffee Machines

It’s Monday morning and your employees are feeling a little sluggish – a warm cup of coffee will certainly perk them up! Including coffee machines, designed to make the perfect coffee every time in your office will help give your staff their much-needed energy fix whenever they need it. It’ll also allow them to take a break from the screens, stretch their legs and socialise with other coffee-lovers.

7. Extra Storage Options

Drawers, cabinets, bookshelves, sideboards, media units and filing systems will help keep your office tidy, organised and stylish. It’ll also help you to easily keep track of any office supplies so you can clearly see when you’re running low. With plenty of storage options, which can be fitted for a seamless design, items are less likely to be misplaced – reducing any frustration when someone is looking for something specific.

8. Stationery and Supplies

No office is complete without supplies and stationery, even if you’re a mostly digital company, there’s always a need for pens, scissors, notepads and paper. And, while these items may be small, they are crucial in ensuring a smooth-running workplace. Ensure you’re kitted out with all the supplies and stationery needed before people begin to arrive and settle into the new space. You can also get personalised, branded stationery with your company name and logo for a more professional look.

9. Sofas and Armchairs

Sometimes, working all day at a desk can feel very draining. So, including a more comfortable, cosy area with sofas and armchairs where employees can work will not only give them a change of scenery but allow them to work more comfortably. It can also be a social space for lunches or breaks or even a place to hold internal meetings in a relaxed environment. 

10. Colour Schemes

Choosing the right colour scheme for your office is important as it can have a great impact on the mood and tone of your space. Neutral colours can be calming, professional and luxurious while bright, vibrant colours can foster creativity, positivity and encourage employees to think outside the box. Think about what vibe you want your office to give off when meeting prospective clients or new staff. Choosing a colour scheme early on will also make it easier when it comes to purchasing furniture as you’ll be able to pick pieces that complement each other and the style of the office well.

Our team at Officeology can help you source office furniture that is stylish, ergonomically sound and sustainable to meet all of your workspace needs. Contact us today for more ideas and inspiration.

If you’re unsure on what size office you need, we’ve also created this handy office space calculator which will work out everything for you after entering just a few details.

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