Best franking machines for small businesses in 2021

Are you a small business in need of a franking machine? Well, we’ve got you covered. While it may not seem like an essential piece of office equipment, to begin with, after you’ve used one once you’ll never look back!

Franking machines are designed to pay for postage in advance. They weigh the letters, calculate the postage and stamp them for proof. This means that during your next post office trip you’ll be able to skip the long queues! It’s a much more efficient way of getting your mailing needs sorted quickly and easily.

Here are our top 5 picks of the best franking machines for small businesses:

1. FP Mailing PostBase Mini Franking Machine

For the eco-conscious, the FP Mailing PostBase Mini franking machine is ideal as it has a very small footprint while still being technologically advanced. Suited to meet the needs of any small business this machine is able to process 24 letters per minute. It’s also Smart Metre and Mailmark compliant allowing you to access cost reports and take advantage of the lowest postage rates available. 

With Wi-Fi connectivity, an integrated, easy-to-use colour display screen and a choice of three, vibrantly coloured weighing scale plates, we’re positive this machine will fit right in!

2. FP Mailing PostBase Vision 3S Franking Machine

If you’re a small business with a plan to expand and want to invest in a slightly bigger and quicker franking machine that you know can be used for years to come, then the FP Mailing PostBase Vision 3S machine is for you. With a 5kg integrated scale and the ability to process 35 letters per minute, this machine has everything a modern, small business needs.

Despite the extra features including 20 shortcut keys, the latest Smart Metre and Mailmark technology, automatic date and time change, PIN protection, instant access to the UK and overseas franking prices and more, this machine still offers a small and compact appearance so it can sit neatly anywhere in your office.

3. PostBase Vision 5S Franking Machine

Stylish, secure and simple to use, the PostBase Vision 5S franking machine will integrate perfectly into your office. With the ability to process 50 letters per minute, this machine is incredibly quiet and won’t disrupt the day-to-day running of your office. With powerful reporting features too, this machine will account for every letter you send so you can keep track and save on postage costs by each department or individual.

With an easy to use, large colour touchscreen, PIN protection, a 7kg integrated scale and 5 designer colours to choose from, the PostBase Vision 5S offers a sleek and modern award-winning design that’s perfect for small, growing businesses. You can also upgrade to the Vision 5A machine for an automatic feeder.

4. PostBase Vision 9A Franking Machine

If you know you have a lot of mailing needs, the PostBase Vision 9A franking machine could be a great option for your business. Meticulously engineered with its users in mind, this powerful machine is able to process 85 letters per minute and has an advanced ‘anti-skew’ feeder, making the whole process even more efficient.

Functional and stylish, this machine offers a large, colour touchscreen so that any operator can process mail quickly and easily. It also has a 7kg integrated scale but an optional 30kg scale can be added via USB so you can send larger items if needed.

5. PostBase One Franking Machine

Looking to invest in a high-volume franking machine that will stand the test of time? Then the PostBase One franking machine is for you. Designed for business, this machine is able to process up to 150 letters per minute. It also has high capacity letter feeding options as well as high capacity power stacking capabilities making it fast and simple to use. This complete mailing system will feed, seal, weigh, frank and report all of your mail automatically.

Using the latest dual cell weighing technology, you can be confident that this franking machine is highly accurate and will save you money in the long run. Innovative and convenient, the PostBase One is one of the most technologically advanced franking machines currently on the market and will serve your company well.

If you’re looking for the best franking machine for your business, take a look at our franking machine and mailing solutions and contact our team who can help you get up and running with a tailored service.

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