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Kitting your office out with new tech is an exciting time for any business, whether you’re a startup or a large company, purchasing laptops or desktop computers that will help your employees work productively and elevate your company is something every business owner should look forward to. Of course, it can also be daunting trying to choose the right computing solutions for your business – especially as you’ll expect to use the equipment for at least a few years, you’ll want to make sure you get it just right.
At Officeology, our team of tech wizards are always on hand to evaluate your needs and help you choose the best options that will work for you and your team now and in the future. We’ve put together this guide below to help you learn more about which type of laptop or desktop computer would suit your needs depending on the size of your business.

Business Laptops and Desktops for Startups

With an ever-growing team and change at every corner, life at a startup is understandably fast-paced. And while it’s an exciting time for all, it also comes with many challenges. One thing you want to make sure you have ready and prepared from day 1 is a reliable, trustworthy and durable laptop to get you started. 

As a startup, your computers will need to be able to keep up with everything going on around you. We’d highly recommend opting for a laptop over a desktop computer as you’re much more likely to move around more often than other companies. You may also use co-working spaces or letting staff work remotely, so a laptop will be better suited.

Laptops and Desktops for Small and Medium Businesses

For small and medium-sized businesses that are more established, you’ll likely have a stable working environment which will give you many more computer options to choose from. If you decide to have a mix of laptops and desktop computers available, this will give employees an easier opportunity to work from home or for the office and travel for work too.

One of the biggest factors to think about is that each department will have different needs that their computers should be able to handle easily. For example, creative departments will be more likely to need an Apple Macbook Pro or the ASUS Zenbook with their large screens, increased resolution, powerful performance and large graphics cards. Whereas, on the other hand, data-driven employees may prefer using a dual-screen set-up for number crunching and trend analysis.

Laptops and Desktops for Large Businesses

For the larger organisations, laptop and desktop computers and softwares will need to be highly secure and easy to manage too with hundreds of employees to accommodate. We understand it can be tricky to make sure you meet the needs of every employee, but a computer is an essential piece of equipment so plenty of time and research should go into making sure you choose the right ones.

Scalability is also an important consideration when it comes to choosing laptops and desktops for large businesses as you won’t want to be running multiple different systems and hardware. Your IT department will be highly stressed on a regular basis otherwise. At Officeology, we can give you the best recommendations for business computers to make your life as simple as possible.

Whatever your business computing needs are, we’ll help you get up and running so you can focus more on productivity and less on admin. Take a look at our business laptops and desktops solutions page and contact our team for more advice and information.

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