Why choose a bean to cup coffee machine for your office

A bean to cup coffee machine is a great option for the office, offering a premium cup of coffee without the need for a barista. It’s one of the best DIY coffee options on the market, and can be used by even the least tech-savvy of team members. Where self-service is a must, the bean to cup coffee machine is ideal.

In this article we’re sharing the best bits about having a bean to cup coffee machine, and the reasons you might choose one. Let’s learn more.

 Benefits of a commercial bean to cup coffee machine

A fresh cup of coffee every time

A bean to cup coffee machine uses fresh milk and coffee beans to create a fresh cup of coffee every time. Unlike coffee granules, a bean to cup coffee machine gives you great tasting coffee at the push of a button. When you’re ready to make your next cup, you select your coffee and the machine automatically grinds the beans and makes your coffee.

There’s no compromise on quality, and they offer all the speed and ease of other coffee machines with the added benefit of freshly ground beans.

Simple and easy to use

All you need to do is add beans to the top of your bean to cup coffee machine and ensure there is adequate milk and water levels and your machine will be good to go. You can create a range of coffees like lattes, cappuccinos and americanos without having to lift a finger. It’s an idiot-proof way to make a coffee in the office and will be a firm favourite for those who like to stay caffeinated.

 High volume potential

If you work in a fast paced environment where people like to drink coffee to stay on their toes, a bean to cup coffee machine will be great for your office. Most bean to cup coffee machines can make up to 50 cups of coffee a day, with the highest volume machines making up to 250 cups a day.

This means that one bean to cup coffee machine can service the whole office and ensure everyone is able to enjoy freshly ground coffee all day long.

Easy to clean and maintain

Many bean to cup coffee machines feature a rinse and cleaning programme which filters through your coffee machine and keeps it fresh. This makes it ideal for an office space, where cleaning duties aren’t always a top priority.

Cost saving

One of the biggest perks for staff is that they can save significant sums of money when they opt for a bean to cup coffee vs a barista made one. With the same aroma, taste and quality of a high street coffee shop coffee, your team can enjoy all the benefits of their favourite morning coffee without having to pay the high prices.

Environmentally friendly

Another reason you might consider choosing a bean to cup coffee machine for your office is that they create biodegradable coffee grounds that are much more sustainable than the other options. Using paper cups when you buy take out coffee or using plastic pods in other coffee machines aren’t the best solutions, whereas using a mug and a ground coffee machine is ideal.

Lease a bean to cup commercial coffee machine

Not sure whether your office is ready to invest in a bean to cup coffee machine? There is always the option to lease one and see how it goes. 

Renting a bean to cup office coffee machine costs approximately £10-£60 a week, depending on whether you choose a simple, basic machine or a versatile machine that can produce up to 250 cups a day. Renting a coffee machine instead of buying one is ideal for small or startup companies who have very few employees and are looking to save money and cut costs wherever possible.

Another advantage of renting a coffee machine, for businesses of all sizes, is that it’s a much more flexible option. Renting a machine allows you to test it out for a short while and assess whether it works well for the team or if another model would be more suitable, before splashing out and buying one.Ready to explore your options? Shop our range of office coffee machines now.

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