FPi 5700

You want your outgoing mail to get where it’s going fast. The growing variety of mailings, tight schedules, and the need for efficiency in the mail room demands ever more performance from folding and inserting solutions
  • Time saving and cost effective
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Fold, insert and seal envelopes

Modular, powerful FPi 5700

Documents can be fed from up to six stations, available in various configurations. Automatic and special stations, a high-capacity feeder, short feeder tray and maxi-feeder are also available. The high capacity vertical stacker holds 500 envelopes, ergonomically designed for easy handling. The FPI 5700 can handle up to 4,000 letters per hour in C6, DIN long, and C5 formats and up to 60,000 letters per month.

Intelligent and configurable

Security and monitoring functions ensure that every envelope is correctly and completely filled. The intelligent technology reads the whole page, allowing flexible use of OMR. Everybody can use the FPi 5700. The 7-inch glass display and intuitive operation guide and support the user with easy-to-understand directions. With self-explanatory graphics-oriented menu options and an ‘on-board’ operating manual. The FPi 5700 will automatically adjust and save settings to its memory, which can be recalled instantly.