FPi 700

Processing up to 1,350 letters per hour, the FPi 700 folder inserter makes folding, inserting and sealing 10x quicker than a manual process

  • Easy-to-use – Load documents, press start then get that cup of coffee or tea
  • Saves Time – Processes 10 times faster than by hand
  • Saves Money – Save on operating costs through process automation
  • Added Security – The double feed detection confirms that the contents inserted into each envelope is correct


The FPi 700 comes in 2 different configurations: 2 feed stations for documents and 2 feed stations for documents plus 1 feed station for enclosures/return envelopes.

Easy to use

The FPi 700 comes with a 5” glass colour touchscreen, allowing you to simply operate the machine. The machine can sit on your desktop and allows you to automate 90% of your mailing tasks. This means that the FPi 700 can pay its way with just 50 letters per day!