8 essential desk accessories every office needs

The desk is one of the most – if not, the most – important parts of the office space. It’s a space that you spend the most time in and if you have a permanent one you can add personal touches to feel comfortable. Whether you have your own desk or not, desk accessories are key to creating a work environment that really works, increasing productivity and ensuring that workplace wellbeing is constantly improving. Plus, making your office space an attractive and welcoming place to be is just the right thing to do.

1. Office Plants

Plants are proven mood boosters and have the added benefit of cleaning the air and balancing the humidity levels in an office. They brighten up a space and can provide home comfort at the desk. Some plants can be challenging to look after, especially during busier weeks, but we’ve created a handy guide to which plants you should get in the office.

2. Art

Bringing in a framed picture of your family or pet as an office accessory is great to personalise your desk if you have your own, but if your office uses a hot-desking system or doesn’t allocate specific desks then personal snaps can be substituted for fun and colourful artwork. Think less Live, Laugh, Love and more interesting prints by an artist you’ve just discovered or has a connection to your local area. Painted office spaces also work as mood boosters, with bright and light spaces increasing productivity and all round joy.

3. Coffee

Coffee is an office essential. If you don’t have a coffee machine you need one! For workplace bonding or just to help everyone perk up in the morning, good coffee and high quality mugs make the best desk accessories. Don’t forget to stay properly hydrated with a water bottle too though!

4. Stationary

Pens, paper, staples, notepads. An office can’t function without some stationary to take down key information and some bright touches bring the place together. Creating a happy work environment is about more than having the bare necessities available, it’s making sure that everyone has something that, as Marie Kondo says, sparks some joy and accessorise your desk with some colour.

5. Cable Management

There’s nothing more annoying than being unable to find the charger to something or wasting time untangling reams of cables – not to mention the fact that unkempt cables are a huge health and safety hazard. Organising your cables can help to keep the appearance of a well maintained office space, so if you’re worried about looking professional in big meetings, a cable management system has to be in place.

6. Organisers

Whilst keeping your cables organised, making sure that you know exactly where you put that letter is important too. Desktop organisers are key to keeping track of everything, from paper to pens and help keep a desk tidy. Tidy desk, tidy mind (we think that’s how it goes, right?).

7. Laptop Stand

For people who prefer to work at an angle or standing up, a laptop stand is essential. They can also help to improve posture and concentration – and don’t forget a blue light filter to make working on screens all day easier on the eye.

8. Relaxation Gear

Finally, everyone needs to relax in the office sometimes. In summer, going for a short walk or eating lunch outside might be an ideal place to get away from the desk, but for the colder seasons we don’t want to go outside! Staying in the office with some great massage equipment or even trying to hold some afternoon yoga sessions to decompress is a great way to make those colder, darker months pass by in a flash and improve your mental wellbeing.

Our team at Officeology can help you find stylish, practical and sustainable desk accessories for every workspace need. Contact us today for more ideas and inspiration.

If you’re unsure on what size office you need, we’ve also created a helpful office space calculator which will figure out what you need and (more importantly) how it will all fit in a matter of moments.

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