Top 6 coffee machines for businesses

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a hot cup of coffee at your desk first thing in the morning. Motivating, invigorating and refreshing, it’s a great way to start your working day. Choosing the best coffee machine for your office is just as important as choosing the right printer, computers or stationery. So, it can be tricky deciding which one will fulfil your employees’ caffeine needs – especially with so many different makes and models available.

To help you choose the best coffee machine for your office, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favourite machines for small, medium and large companies.

1. Jura WE8

The Jura WE8 machine is a great option for smaller businesses that produce around 50 cups of coffee a day. Stylish and durable, this machine features a water tank with a 3-litre capacity, a 500g bean container and a coffee grounds container too. It also offers a wide choice of specialty coffees, including cappuccinos, flat whites, espressos and latte macchiatos all at the touch of a button, making it quick and simple to operate – even for inexperienced users. 

Jura WE8 Coffee Machine

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in the workplace, but, we understand that, sometimes, the office can be so busy it’s hard to find the time for a daily clean of equipment. Luckily, the Jura WE8 machine has integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes, so all you need to do is press the button at the end of the day, saving you valuable time.

2. Franke A300

Another option for smaller offices where space may be limited is the small and compact Franke A300 coffee machine. With a daily output of 80 cups, it offers a great performance and will keep your employees caffeinated with a wide range of drink choices. Its sleek design also features a large user-friendly interactive screen with customisable options, such as the size of the cup and foam consistency.

Versatile and easy to clean, you can expect barista-quality coffee from this machine. It even has an integrated, environmentally-friendly and fully automatic descaling system so limescale is eliminated and cleaning time is drastically reduced.

3. Franke A600

The perfect coffee machine for medium-sized businesses, the Franke A600 takes coffee to the next level with delicious iced coffee options available. With the ability to brew up to 150 cups per day, it can easily create unique flavours, and its intuitive milk system means it can serve both hot and cold milk with various foam consistencies. So, each employee can enjoy their own individual cup just the way they like it.

Franke A600 Coffee Machine

For those who are trying to cut back on coffee but still want to enjoy a warm drink in the office, this machine also offers hot chocolate as an option. Fully automatic and truly intelligent, the Franke A600 features a timer function for maximum energy efficiency and minimal power consumption while in standby mode.

4. Jura JX8

Robust, versatile and professional, the Jura JX8 coffee machine can prepare the full range of specialty drinks as well as standard black coffees too. It can even prepare water at different temperature levels which is ideal for tea lovers. With its larger size and dual spout, this machine can create two specialty coffees at the same time, making it a much more social event.

Designed for both speed and precision, we guarantee this machine won’t let you down. You’ll find all of the controls on the front of the machine, including the water tank and the bean containers, meaning every part is easily accessible and ultra-simple to use.

5. Jura GIGA X8

Built for maximum performance, the Jura GIGA X8 coffee machine is the machine of choice for many large businesses due to its impressive capability of producing 250 cups a day. With an abundance of features and the latest technology, this machine is extremely efficient and easy to operate, offering a wide range of coffees from perfectly crafted espressos and lattes.

Jura GIGA X8 Coffee Machine

You’ll also appreciate the sophisticated, height-adjustable dual spout, allowing you to produce two coffees at once, the fine foam technology for high-quality, barista-style drinks and the speed function which ensures your coffee is poured in record time.

6. Franke A1000

From all kinds of flavoured coffees to indulgent chocolate creations and fruity mixed milk drinks, the options are endless with the diverse and technological Franke A1000 coffee machine. Producing up to 300 coffee cups a day, this is a robust and innovative machine with a sleek, modern design and an air of luxury that employees of a larger business will enjoy day after day.

The multimedia interface offers a host of options too, and includes top-quality video with excellent sound. Discover the nutritional value and allergens of particular drinks, choose your cup size, enter larger orders in a single step and configure drinks to your preferences to really make the most of the capacity and the technology of this coffee machine.

For more help and advice on choosing the best coffee machine for your business, visit our coffee machine solutions page and contact our team who will guide you in the right direction.

We can also supply delicious coffee blends including a deep coffee blend with taste notes of dark chocolate, caramelised toffee and toasted almond to wake you up instantly and a mellow coffee blend with notes of apricot jam, blueberry and lemon sherbet for a more refreshing pick-me-up.

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