Officeology’s guide to Ricoh printers

Whether you’re furnishing a new office or want to upgrade some of the equipment in your current office, a printer will always be a must-have item. From enjoying the benefits of an all-in-one printer to keeping it simple with a single function device, whichever you decide has to be right for your business.

At Officeology, we partner with global manufacturers to bring you the best possible solutions. And, when it comes to printers, we believe that Ricoh is top of the line. Keep reading to find out more about Ricoh printers and whether they’d be the perfect fit for you.

Are Ricoh Printers Good for Business?

Ricoh printers are a great choice for businesses as they’re extremely reliable, versatile, robust and offer a wide range of features for every need. Their products are also very user-friendly, so even those who aren’t particularly technologically minded will be able to freely use their machines without any hassle.

Perfect for small, medium and large businesses, Ricoh caters to all with their strong hardware.

Ricoh Printers for Small Businesses

As a small business or even a startup company, it’s very likely that your printing needs will fluctuate on a monthly basis. With more employees being hired, teams and departments being outlined and different roles needing to print different materials, you’ll need something flexible but cost-effective. You’ll no doubt also want something simple to use that can support your business growth.

For small businesses, we would recommend the Ricoh IM C2000 all-in-one printer which can scan, print and copy in colour and features an intuitive smart operation panel. The Ricoh IM C300 is also a great option as it’s compact and perfect for smaller offices, automatically updates and has the ability to add extra functions that your business may need in the future.

Ricoh Printers for Medium Businesses

For medium-sized businesses who are well-established and comfortable in their office, you might be looking to invest in a small print fleet that can facilitate separate user accounts across different departments. This makes it easier for management to learn and understand how, and where printing needs vary throughout the teams. You’ll also likely benefit from managed print services to streamline processes and reduce waste.

The Ricoh IM C3000 all-in-one printer is a fantastic choice for medium businesses as it’s able to print and copy high-quality materials for a range of different needs in a very speedy manner. If your business is a bit more demanding, then the Ricoh IM C5500A will be the printer for you as it can deliver approximately 55 pages per minute, can be scheduled to print overnight and scan documents straight to your management system.

Ricoh Printers for Large Businesses

If you’re a larger organisation, we know you’ll need a reliable and easy to manage print fleet that can handle high-volume, high-speed and high-quality print-outs. Your business will need to run smoothly and efficiently, and having a printer that can do exactly what each team needs in a good amount of time is crucial. Security is also a highly important factor to consider when dealing with a broad range of client and customer data to maintain confidentiality and to prevent any potential cyber-attacks. 

The Ricoh IM C6500 all-in-one printer is the perfect long-term solution for larger businesses, and it can effortlessly meet the demands of each department and can produce around 65 pages per minute. New applications can also be installed as, and when they’re needed, it’s incredibly easy to use, and even mobile workers can seamlessly print, scan or copy what they need.

For more information, take a look at our printers and copier solutions page and contact our team today to discuss your business needs.

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We are so pleased with the Photocopier service from Officeology.The team are friendly and go out of their way to swiftly resolve any problems.Special debt of gratitude to Raman in the office and Bobby their engineer who got us printing and scanning again within 12 hours of our contacting them.Highly recommended!

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