When photocopier leasing is right for your business

We all know that office equipment doesn’t come cheap. Replacing, maintaining or kitting out a brand new office from scratch can put a real strain on your business’ finances. And this is why many businesses, of all sizes, are opting to lease their equipment instead.

Office equipment leasing is not only more affordable, but it allows for greater flexibility and gives you the opportunity to upgrade equipment whenever you need it. So, if you’re considering leasing a photocopier, we’ve outlined the main benefits below to help make the choice even easier.

Leasing can be more Cost-Effective

Not everyone wants to make a long-term investment into buying a copier – especially as other office equipment costs can rapidly pile up. So, one of the biggest benefits that appeal to both startup companies looking to keep initial costs low and larger businesses needing to save money, is that leasing equipment is much more cost-effective than outright buying.

By leasing a copier, you’ll have the freedom to invest more of your money into other resources that may be in need of more attention. If you choose a facility with protected payments and fixed interest rates too, you’ll know from the beginning how much you need to budget for with clear monthly payments that will help spread the cost.

You can Rent Better Quality Equipment

If you’re buying a copier outright, the upfront cost may seem daunting. Of course, you’ll want the best equipment for your office and employees, which you know will last a long time and produce high-quality results. But, if you don’t have the capital, you could find yourself skimping on particular features or the overall quality.

Fixed monthly payments spread out over the length of your lease will enable you to get a better quality copier. This means you can choose the product that is right for you and your businesses without worrying about the steep initial investment.

It’ll Reduce your Tax Liability

When it comes to your tax bill, renting office equipment, including photocopiers, can have some fantastic benefits as lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, meaning they are deductible as a business expense. This is ideal for smaller companies who are needing to get their feet on the ground.

To put it into perspective, if you were to buy a copier outright, you could claim up to 40% of the original price back as a business expense. But, if you were to rent a copier, you can claim the entire monthly, quarterly or annual expense back, resulting in a much lower tax bill and reducing your overall net cost.

Enjoy Additional Flexibility

Leasing a copier, or other office equipment allows for a lot of flexibility because, not only can you choose the right product for the business, but, if a few months later you decide it’s not quite what you were expecting, you can easily change to a different one. The flexibility of payment is a hugely beneficial perk too.

At Officeology, we offer complete flexibility with our rental packages, making them perfect for all sized businesses. If you’re a startup or small company that is continuously expanding and looking to move offices a bit more frequently, then you can choose a shorter-term rental agreement to meet your needs. Or, if you’re a big company that has a stable location then the longer-term packages of several months, a year or more will be the right type for you.

It’s Easier to Upgrade Equipment

You’ll be able to upgrade your copier and other rented office equipment as and when you need it during any stage of the leasing agreement. For growing businesses, being able to upgrade equipment is ideal as your needs and capacity will likely change over time. It also means you won’t need to deal with the hassle of selling and repurchasing a copier.

Our team of number crunchers are always on hand to have a chat and help you understand your business leasing options available and learn which were best suited to you.

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10:04 09 Apr 22
We are so pleased with the Photocopier service from Officeology.The team are friendly and go out of their way to swiftly resolve any problems.Special debt of gratitude to Raman in the office and Bobby their engineer who got us printing and scanning again within 12 hours of our contacting them.Highly recommended!

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