How to send Business Reply Mail

When you get forms to fill out through your door, they will probably be accompanied by a freepost envelope. That’s a Business Reply Envelope. It makes responding to post much easier because all you have to do is pop your response in the envelope and drop it into a post box.

Setting up and using a Business Reply mail service is an excellent way to get more responses from your customers and Officeology makes it easy to set up!

What is Business Reply Mail?

Business Reply Mail is the equivalent of sending yourself a self-addressed, stamped envelope – only more convenient. Not to mention more professional. It allows you to provide a method for customers to reply to the mail you send them that is easier than organising their own postage.

Your customers will receive an envelope that has pre-paid postage and is printed with your return address – no searching for the address or for a pen. All they need to do is complete the requested information or action and drop the envelope in the post box. It saves them both time and effort while also saving them money – making receiving responses much easier. 

Row of beige envelopes

You can even use BRM services with your virtual mailbox or your mail forwarding service.

Do I need a stamp for Business Reply Mail?

No, not in the traditional sense. Business Reply Mail envelopes are stampless. Instead, the indicia is pre-printed onto the front of the envelope to denote whether it’s 1st or 2nd class postage. You don’t need to add stamps and your customers don’t need to pay for stamps to return the envelopes either. 

Royal Mail Postbox

How much does Business Reply Mail cost?

You will need to sign up for a Royal Mail licence. You will then pay Royal Mail on a monthly basis for each returned Business Reply envelope. You will pay a price per single response.

There are two types of Freepost licence available:

Plus – a machine sorted process which is the more efficient option.

Standard – Machine or hand sorted depending on the envelope size.

Under a Plus licence for DL + C5 “Letter” sizes ONLY! – (C4 is not available)

  • Business Reply Plus – 1st Class:  68p
  • Business Reply Plus – 2nd Class:  48p

Under a Standard licence for DL + C5 “Letter” sizes – 

  • Business Reply Standard – 1st Class:  74p
  • Business Reply Standard – 2nd Class:  57p

C4 “Large Letter” size is only available under a Standard licence – up to 100g weight and is hand sorted by humans

  • Business Reply Standard C4 – 1st Class:  £1.07
  • Business Reply Standard C4 – 2nd Class:  85p

If you have more than one office, you will need a separate licence for each address.

How to frank and send Business Reply Mail?

Using your franking machine for prepaid business reply mail is simple. Although the specific steps may differ slightly depending on your franking machine model, generally the process is:

  • Press the rates/stamps button
  • In your rates/mail class list, scroll to the prepay options
  • Choose your class and letter size
  • Place your letter on the scale
  • Frank your post

How fast is Business Reply Mail?

This depends on the service you pay for. Business Reply envelopes are treated the same way as normal UK post. And therefore, they have the same delivery times as any other 1st Class or 2nd Class post.

Postage envelope
  • 1st Class post will be delivered to you in 1-2 days
  • 2nd Class post will be delivered to you in 2-4 days within the UK and Northern Ireland usually.

Business Reply Mail is just one of many essential office mailing solutions services that Officeology can support via our franking machines to ensure your customers get everything they need all while supporting the success of your business. 

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