How to organise business mail collection

Make sure your mail reaches your customers as quickly as possible with a business mail collection service.

When sending lots of post every day, you don’t want to be visiting the post office multiple times a day – it’s a waste of time! Instead, set up a service to come and collect it from your office. Business mail collection services aim to save you time and money.

What is business mail collection?

Business mail collection is a service run by Royal Mail in which they collect mail from your office to send out to recipients. Instead of running to the post office every time you need to send mail, the business mail collection service comes to you. All you need to do is make sure everything is addressed correctly, has the right postage paid, and is ready and waiting for collection.

Does Royal Mail offer a collection service?


If you’re sending a lot of post from your office, Royal Mail will collect your letters and parcels from you. Collections are flexible and cost-effective and can be set up for any day or time that works best for you. Even Saturdays if that works for you. 

Royal Mail Business Account

Save time making trips to the post office and save money by paying for sacks by average weight – rather than each individual parcel – making large shipments more cost effective. 

Make your delivery times more reliable and consistent.

Rest in the knowledge that your parcels are in the best hands with tracked delivery and other reliable services.

Make it easier for customers to return parcels – Royal Mail is one of the most easily accessible postal services in the UK. 

How to organise business mail collection

To organise the collection of your business mail, you’ll need to get in touch with Royal Mail. You will be able to book your collection date and address directly through their Business Mail Collection service page. Set up a recurring collection or call them for a one-off. Whichever works for you and your business.

How much is Royal Mail business collection?

There are multiple different price points that Royal Mail offer for their business mail collection service. This offers you maximum flexibility depending on your needs. 

Price per annumTimeslot
Weekday collection£870Allocated by Royal Mail
Time weekday collection£1,990Chosen by you
Saturday collection£270Allocated by Royal Mail
Timed Saturday collection£550Chosen by you

If you spend over £17,000 a year, Royal Mail business collection will also offer you a free weekday collection that is mutually agreed between you and them. 

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