What the analogue phone line switch off will mean for your business

In 2025, BT will be switching off the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), which will impact all businesses that still use an analogue phone line.

With all communication technology moving into an entirely online space, this will be the biggest change in telecoms in the last 30 years…so it’s a pretty big deal! But what does it actually mean for your business, and how can you prepare for it? We’ve got all the information you need to ensure a smooth transition.

Why is the Analogue Phone Line Being Switched Off

To put it bluntly, the analogue phone line system is simply outdated. Essentially, the ISDN and PSTN is the same setup as the original lines that were created in the 1800s. While it’s still an effective service that many businesses use, the world is moving on to more modern forms of telecommunications, which will soon make the analogue phone line redundant. 

Analogue phone line systems are also much more expensive to run and maintain for both the provider and the end-user, compared to VoIP technology, for example, which is cheaper, faster and more reliable. So, modern businesses are opting for the cost-effective products that are being recommended to them over analogue systems.

How will this Impact Business?

If your business is still currently operating ISDN or PSTN, then you will be impacted by the switch off. How much of your business will be affected will depend on how widespread your ISDN or PSTN technology is throughout the company. It could be as simple as switching your internet services to fibre-optic connections, which won’t take long to do at all. 

However, if you’re still using traditional voice calling through landlines and regularly fax documents, then you’ll need to find alternative options if you plan on ditching them completely. If you still want or need to keep the fax machine, then you’ll need a system that will be able to support this, which could be tricky to find.
With just a few more years to go until the switch off, it’s time to start considering the other telephony solutions available to you.

What are the Benefits of VoIP technology

Plenty of businesses has been using VoIP phone systems for years because of how beneficial they are compared to the older, more traditional systems. Here are some of the biggest benefits you’re business will experience with this type of system:

  • Cost-effective: there are many cost-effective packages you can choose that includes free calls between different offices, which is ideal for larger businesses and free international calls too if you have clients overseas.
  • More features: with VoIP, you get so much more than just voice calls. Video calling, instant messaging, call forwarding, call analytics, audio conferencing are just some of the features you’ll receive, all of which will help to elevate your business.
  • Fully mobile: a cloud-based VoIP system will allow your employees to connect from wherever they are using either their own phone, a tablet or a laptop to make calls as easily as they could while in this office. This is perfect for remote workers or employees who need to travel a lot.
  • Easy to scale: VoIP makes it easy and seamless to scale and grow as your business grows too at a reasonable cost. By speaking to your provider, you can easily add or remove new phone lines whenever you need, or new features that may be useful as your business evolves.

How to Prepare your Business for the Analogue Phone Line Switch Off

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start putting plans in place before the ‘switch off’ happens, so you don’t find yourself left without a functioning phone system which would be detrimental to all businesses. Here are a few steps you can take straight away:

  • Ensure you have a strong and reliable internet connection and upgrade if needed.
  • Find out when your contract is due to be renewed so you can get a time frame for when you can make the switch.
  • Switching earlier, if possible, will save you time, money and stress in the long run.
  • Avoid buying desk phones from this point as they will be rendered useless in just a few years.

Learn more about the hosted telephony solutions available for every sized business so you can decide which system will offer the best-suited service.

Also, find out how to choose and set up the right broadband for your business.

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