Our automated coffee machines for office use guide

No office is truly complete with a coffee machine. From cups of morning coffee to get you going to an afternoon break to get you out of the slump and finish the job at hand, coffee machines are the perfect opportunity to not only get away from your desk for a few minutes but to catch up with co-worker you may not see as often and get that much-needed motivation.

In fact, it’s been proven that having 2-3 cups of coffee a day can help you to work more efficiently and improve both performance and memory. At Officeology, we focus solely on automatic speciality coffee machines, giving you the best coffee result, the simplest operation and a super modern design. 

So, whether you’re a startup, small, medium or large business in need of a coffee machine, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll walk you through the types of coffee machines we have to offer so you can decide which option is best suited to your office needs.

Coffee Machines for Startups

As a startup company, we’re willing to bet that coffee is of the highest importance to you as you work day and night to get your business up and running. As you may not have hundreds of employees yet and are more likely to just have a handful of hardworking people, a smaller coffee machine with simple functions will be a great option.

Of course, running a startup will understandably leave you with very little time, so having a coffee machine with intuitive operating concepts that require minimal maintenance would be ideal. We have a wide range of machines with integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes to ensure perfect cleanliness, and delicious coffee, at the touch of a button, making it as easy as possible for you.

Coffee Machines for Small and Medium Businesses

As a small and medium-sized business, you may be wanting a more advanced coffee machine that can cater to a wider range of people. Everyone has their own personal coffee preference, some will enjoy a classic black coffee while others will indulge in something creamier with flavoured syrups. To keep everyone happy, purchasing a coffee machine that can do it all will be a valuable investment for your office.

Our speciality coffee machines are designed to make the perfect coffee every single time. Featuring many different programming options, your employees can enjoy a variety of different beans and a wide selection of unique coffees, both with and without milk, from ristretto to cappuccino, at the touch of a button.

Coffee Machines for Large Businesses

For larger businesses with a hundred or more employees, having 2 or more coffee machines that can help deliver quality coffee time after time can often be a requirement to keep up with people’s needs without causing queues or frustration. Having several coffee areas in the office will give employees the option to choose where they want to go for their break, either by the window, by the bathroom or elsewhere while keeping the flow of office traffic running smoothly. 

If, instead, you want to opt for one large coffee machine, our range of accessories all the machines to be tailored to individual requirements, creating a complete coffee solution and keeping everyone happy and caffeinated. Our range of machines can also be adapted to suit the area of use too, no matter what the product line, with the help of intuitive programming and disable function.

The Benefits of Using Officeology for your Coffee Machine Needs

Partnering with global manufacturers, we specialise in helping businesses like your indulge customers, clients, guests and staff alike with perfect coffee. No matter what type of environment or business size you need a coffee machine for, our team can talk you through the option available that would best suit your needs.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when choosing Officeology for your coffee needs:

  • Innovative coffee machines.
  • Specialising in high-quality equipment. 
  • Reliable machines.
  • Sustainable options.
  • Exceptional service.
  • Deep coffee blends available from our shop.
  • Mellow coffee blends available from our shop.

Take a look at our office coffee machines page and enquire today for more information.

Also, read our blog on the top 5 coffee machines for businesses of every size to get some ideas of the type of machine you should get.

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