How to make different types of coffee

When it comes to coffee, we all have our preferences. From flat whites and lattes to americanos and classic black coffees, there’s a multitude of choices out there to perk us up and enjoy. But, many of us have also faced the confusion of trying to understand the difference between brews.

We’ve explored the most popular types of coffee and how to make them so you can understand the difference between each cup and decide which will be your next go-to morning drink.

1. Black Coffee

A black coffee is a simple yet effective choice that’s popular amongst many. This type features ground coffee beans steeped in hot water and forgoes the addition of milk, sugar, cream or other flavours. With its bitter taste and strength, it can take some getting used to – especially if you’re a new coffee drinker. But, it’s a great way to wake up in an instant and get a head start on the working day.

2. Latte

Perfect for beginners, a latte is a delicious, milky coffee that can be made plain or with a shot of flavour for those who prefer something sweeter. Vanilla lattes, caramel lattes and, of course, we’ve all either heard of or experienced the famous, seasonal pumpkin latte, there’s many to try. Comprised of a shot of espresso, steamed milk and a touch of foam, it’s both easy to make and drink.

3. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is very similar to a latte. The only difference between them is that it contains more foam than steamed milk and often has a sprinkle of chocolate or cinnamon on top for something a little extra special. There are also some variations that use cream instead of milk for a more indulgent drink. You can also add flavours, such as caramel, to make it more to your liking too.

4. Espresso

For those needing an instant boost, an espresso is the way to go. Also known as a ‘short black’, the espresso is typically a 1oz shot of highly concentrated coffee. Espresso is often used as the base of most coffee drinks, but can also be drunk on its own.

5. Americano

The americano coffee is one that many are familiar with and is similar to the classic black coffee. A popular morning drink, this coffee is made by pouring hot water over two espresso shots, rather than using ground coffee and water like a black coffee. This results in a strong flavour with high levels of caffeine that’s sure to give anyone a boost of energy.

6. Flat White

Originating in Australia, the flat white has taken the rest of the world by storm over the last few years and is now one of the most popular coffees around. This drink is essentially a cappuccino but without the foam or the chocolate sprinkles on top. It contains simply a shot of espresso and steamed milk.

7. Cortado

Small but mighty, the cortado is a perfectly balanced cup of coffee that can really pack a punch. This drink evenly blends espresso with warm milk as a way to reduce the acidity of coffee while still creating a strong cup.

8. Mocha

A mocha is ideal for all the chocolate lovers out there as it combines chocolate with espresso, steamed milk and foam for a delightfully indulgent drink. It also often comes with chocolate sprinkles on top. Considered as a coffee and hot chocolate hybrid, it offers a rich, creamy flavour that’s especially popular during the winter months.

9. Macchiato

The macchiato, which is also known as the caffe macchiato or espresso macchiato, has quite a bold flavour as it’s comprised of an espresso shot with a small amount of steamed milk on top to dilute the bitter espresso taste. Flavoured syrups can also be added to a macchiato to make it sweeter and more to your personal preference.

10. Iced Coffee

In the summer, people can’t get enough of iced coffee as a refreshing beverage that will wake them up. While the recipes vary with different flavours and other additions, typically, it’s made by serving coffee over ice and then topped with milk or cream. Although, some decide to use water rather than milk to get the full, intense flavour of the coffee.

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