10 benefits of having an office coffee machine

Want an almost instantaneous way to boost employee well-being in the office? The answer is quite simply an office coffee machine. Coffee can have a huge impact on our mood, productivity and mental alertness. While it may seem like a trivial piece of office equipment, for many it’s vital, and your employees will thank you for it.

Here are the top 10 benefits having an office coffee machine will have on your employees and business.

1. Enhances Productivity

It’s no secret that coffee helps to wake us up in the morning and keep us alert. Since caffeine is absorbed in the bloodstream quickly, it blocks the sleep receptors in our brains, meaning it’s much easier to stay awake. So, if employees enjoy a cup of coffee as soon as they come into the office, it’ll help increase their focus and, in turn, their productivity.

2. Increases Energy Levels

Along with enhanced productivity, a coffee in the morning will also increase employee energy levels. As caffeine is a mild stimulant, it can speed up the process between our body and brain to make us feel more awake and alert and less tired during the working day. If you notice productivity and energy slumping mid-afternoon, encouraging employees to take a coffee break will help them through the last stretch before it’s time to go home.

3. Saves Time

How many times does an employee leave the office to grab a coffee? How many people turn up late because they stopped for a coffee and had to deal with a long queue first thing in the morning? By having a coffee machine in the office that provides high-quality, delicious coffee with different drink options, employees will be able to save time and enjoy their breaks without having to go out and battle the busy coffee shop lines.

4. Reduces Stress

Did you know that coffee releases dopamine, the happy chemical in our brains? This means coffee can have a positive effect on the well-being of employees and can help them relax and reduce stress during a challenging day. Some studies have also shown that coffee can reduce feelings of anxiety, as well – making it crucial for any bustling, fast-paced workplace where stress and anxiety can occur.

5. Cost Effective

Whether it’s you or your employees doing the coffee run every day, it all comes at a cost. No matter the type of coffee – if it’s a classic Americano or a jazzed-up, flavourful latte – just one cup a day will rack up your monthly expenses. By providing a coffee machine in the office, you’ll be able to reduce coffee spending by up to 90%, saving each coffee drinker up to £1500 per year (based on an average price of two cups of high street coffee per day).

6. Improves Working Relationships

Installing an office coffee machine can actually work wonders when it comes to team-building. Meeting at the coffee machines in the morning or during breaks throughout the day can help build relationships between employees who may not normally work together. This will lead to better communication, cohesion in the workplace and more opportunities for collaboration between departments.

7. Impress Clients and Office Visitors

If your office regularly invites visitors or clients for business meetings, a quality coffee machine is a must. Coffee machines never fail to look welcoming, and seeing employees happily chatting with each other and bonding over a cup of coffee will have a positive impact on any prospective client. Plus, offering clients a good cup of coffee will make them feel at home and prove that you can provide an excellent service for them.

8. Encourages Breaks

We all know the importance of taking frequent breaks during the day for an employee’s mental health and well-being, and having a coffee machine is a great way to encourage and remind employees to take those well-deserved breaks. With a quick walk to the coffee machines, employees will be able to stretch their legs, talk with coworkers, feel refreshed with a warm drink and be more motivated and energised to work.

9. Boosts Office Morale

With enhanced productivity, increased energy and improved office relationships, it’s no wonder why an office coffee machine can boost office morale! Coffee has an amazing effect on people’s moods, alertness and endurance and so can make for a very pleasant working atmosphere which all contributes to employee well-being. Even simple perks such as good coffee can show employees you appreciate them and boost office morale.

10. Enhances Creativity

Lastly, if your business is within the creative industry, you have creative departments or are wanting your employees to think of new, innovative ideas that can propel your business forward, coffee can stimulate those creative ideas and thoughts. As coffee makes you feel more alert, it becomes easier for employees to feel engaged and think outside of the box. 

Office coffee machines are a valued perk and can bring people together to enhance collaboration and office cohesion. Speak to our team today, who can talk you through the options available which would best suit your type of business.
As well as the coffee machines, we also supply office coffee. Our coffee is Fairtrade certified and we even offer a coffee matching service where we can create bespoke blends to match your favourite coffee brand. Just get in touch to find out more.

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