The benefits of an all-in-one printer scanner copier for your business

Sometimes, the number of machines you need to run an office smoothly can be overbearing. But, there is a solution! An all-in-one printer scanner copier is one of the best devices a business can own. Whether you’re a startup, small, medium or large business, we guarantee an all-in-one machine will make both your and your employees working lives easier.

With a variety of reliable and durable models available, we’ve compiled a list of the top benefits of an all-in-one printer copier scanner to help you decide if it’s right for you.

1. Space-Saving Designs

Owning separate devices can very quickly make your office look cluttered and even cause congestion. If you’re a new or small business, chances are your office space is fairly limited. Even larger offices will benefit from utilising space in order to provide more room for employees and comfortable areas to work. 

Consolidating several machines in an all-in-one multifunctional printer will not only look neater and more compact but will save you a significant amount of space. For smaller offices, we’d recommend the Ricoh IM C3000, which produces around 30, exceptional quality pages per minute and makes it easy to prepare eye-catching marketing material. For larger businesses, the Ricoh IM C6500 is superior as it effortlessly meets high demands in a speedy manner, and new applications can be installed onto it whenever you need.

2. More Affordable Options

A professional and well-organised company will assure clients that their important projects are in safe hands and will be completed on time. To achieve this level of organisation, project management software will be an invaluable asset. This type of software will be able to break down complex tasks, which can theIt should be no surprise to learn that an all-in-one device is comparably more affordable than separately buying a printer, copier, scanner and any other machine you feel is necessary for your business. While initially, it may seem like a steep investment, if you total the cost of buying each item separately, you’ll be able to see how and where you’ll be saving money.

This is ideal for startup companies who may be on a tighter budget as they get everything organised and prepared and larger companies looking to cut costs and save some extra money to invest in other areas. We believe that a reliable and hard-working multi-functional printer is essential for every office. Plus, many of these machines can be password protected and able to handle any possible cyberattack, making them, generally, more secure than separate machines.

3. Easy to Use

A common misconception about all-in-one-printers is that they’re complicated to use with many different controls, buttons and features. But that is far from the truth. A multi-functional machine is designed for ease of use, with controls placed in perfect spots to make it as straightforward and simple as possible.

Because of how easy they are to use, these machines can help to increase efficiency and productivity within the office. A lot of these machines, including the Ricoh IM C5500A that we have to offer, feature the ability to connect seamlessly and print from or scan to smartphones and tablets, allowing users to use the machine from wherever they are in the office.

4. Consumes Less Power

If you’re considering ways to make your office more sustainable and eco-friendly, then an all-in-one machine is one of the best and easiest steps to take. Running multiple devices require a large amount of energy, which will increase your electricity bills and impact your carbon emissions. This is a cause of concern for many businesses, especially startups, who want to begin their business journey as sustainably as possible

A multi-functional machine consumes far less energy than several individual machines which will save you money in bills, reduce the number of cables and plug sockets needed, and help to lessen your carbon footprint too. It’s a winning situation every way you look at it!

5. Easier to Maintain

If you have several individual electronic devices, at some point, they will likely need some kind of repair work or maintenance to keep them running smoothly. This can be very time consuming and costly – especially if multiple machines break down at once. It can also hinder worker performance and efficiency.

With an all-in-one machine, the costs of maintenance and supplies are drastically reduced, and you’ll also experience any issues less often as there are fewer machines to deal with. Cleaning the machine, or running regular maintenance tasks can be done less often, and won’t cause as much disruption either. You’ll also only need to purchase ink cartridges for one machine rather than several, and only one warranty is needed to cover the device. 

Take a look at our office printers and photocopiers solutions page to find out more about multi-functional devices for your business.

Also, read our guide to Ricoh printers to find out more and decide if they’re the right type of printers for your business needs.

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We are so pleased with the Photocopier service from Officeology.The team are friendly and go out of their way to swiftly resolve any problems.Special debt of gratitude to Raman in the office and Bobby their engineer who got us printing and scanning again within 12 hours of our contacting them.Highly recommended!

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